About Us

Our Mission Statement

To support kinship carers who look after and care for their disadvantaged kinship children. These children live with a relative or friend because they cannot be cared for by their own parents. The children need to feel safe, loved and secure within their wider families or friends within a close community.

We are a registered charity – a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) – whereby our Application and Constitution was approved by our governing body the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).
We are experienced frontline kinship carers that had professional careers prior to becoming full-time kinship carers. We are also part of the wider community of kinship carers in Midlothian.
The organisation was formed from a local peer support group that decided that their specific needs, (and those of their kinship children), were not being met. The organisation formally came together in April 2015 when we became a registered charity to assist our own peer group cope and understand about their situation.
We deliver tried and tested projects suitable to meet the needs and requirements of our main beneficiaries the disadvantaged kinship children in our care.

The organisation’s primary aim is to continue to develop its own unique brand of services by delivering bespoke sensible projects, advocacy assistance and practical help/advice to our own peer group.  This has steadily grown over the years proving to be a remarkable and significant feat by Kinship Care Midlothian SCIO in “getting it right for all kinship children”.  These children, as well documented, are relative’s damaged and disadvantaged children. 

The Office

A one-stop shop giving comprehensive and all round support to Midlothian kinship carers.  The office is based in Dalkeith and is staffed by two full time kinship carer volunteers with periodic backup from, at present, six volunteers.   The charity is linked with partner organisations to assist and develop an appropriate service for our peer group of kinship carers looking after and caring for Midlothian kinship children.

In The Community

There’s lots of information about our organisation, the work we do and the projects we administer for the benefit of our own peer group, distribution of supermarket shopping vouchers during school holidays and/or closures, seasonal outings and day trips, advocacy help and assistance, the kin-trust fund accounts,the Midlothian “kinship-call”  and “kinship-online” facility and Family Holiday Association (partnership).

Additional draft plans are afoot in providing an appropriate source of realistic practical help to assist our peer group cope during fraught, exhausting and financially challenging times, i.e.  respite for kinship carers during school holidays,clothing, shoes and winter boot vouchers and food hampers with fresh produce at Christmas and Easter time

Links In Social Media

A “closed” Facebook page is administered by two kinship carer members of the Support Group.  The Admin Office of the charity has administrative rights to post items of interest for members of the group to read. This mode of communication is very useful for kinship carers especially if they cannot manage along to the coffee morning meetings / prefer not to attend these meetings / or live further afield in another local authority area but care for a Midlothian kinship child. 

KCM-SCIO has an e-forum and through our widespread interactions with our registered beneficiaries the charity maintains an easy dialogue with a number of kinship carers across many local authority regions in Scotland. 

KCM-SCIO also has an active presence on Twitter making sure that our voice is passionately heard and our comments and observations from supporters and followers made known.  In addition, we are able to communicate, to a wider audience, a realistic display of what we truly experience, in our lives, through our status as unpaid “relative foster carers”.